Searching for the Best Yoga Studio in the Bay Area, Part I

Since moving back to the Bay Area almost a year ago, I’ve been on the hunt for a yoga studio to call home. I’m still searching but I wanted to share my journey so far. It’s a bit long-winded (7 studios in 4 cities!) so I’ll be breaking it into parts over the next few weeks.

Here’s how it starts…


In my first few weeks settling into my new life in the East Bay, I needed routine: something easy and familiar. So I joined YogaWorks in Walnut Creek for a 6-month membership. I liked how BIG the studio was in comparison to the tiny hole in the wall that was the Upper East Side New York chapter. But the appeal of the clean and nice amenities soon wore off and I found myself craving more. In trying to make yoga “work for everyone,” these classes were too bland and not challenging enough. The crowd was too suburban and full of people who were new or pretty casual about yoga. Classes were huge and crowded. I was relieved when my 6 months were up and I could move on.

Om Power Om

My manager at work tipped me off on a great Gilt promo for the yoga studio next to our office, Om Power. $100 for 10 classes, what a deal. This studio was super convenient since it’s only a block away from work. The Tuesday classes were much more athletically difficult and the Thursday classes were more relaxing with lavender aroma therapy to send me off in high spirits towards the weekend. Some yoga classes overlapped with spinning classes that had loud bumping music that could be heard and felt through the entire open-air studio space. So I found that a bit jarring. When my 10 classes were up, I couldn’t justify paying the full membership fee of $195 a month. San Francisco yoga is too expensive for me!

To be continued…



5 thoughts on “Searching for the Best Yoga Studio in the Bay Area, Part I

  1. In your experience, how does Yoga to the People compare with Yogaworks and Om Power, besides the fact that each yttp class is nearly identical? On the athletic spectrum, how challenging is it?

    • YTTP is more difficult on the cardio-scale, since the power flow gets you sweating and moving at a good pace. But Om Power and Yogaworks (level 2-3 classes) are more challenging at getting you to progress on your yoga poses. I tried some crazy out-there moves at Om that YTTP would never attempt. And Yoga Works was good about focusing on all the little aspects of yoga that add up to a stronger practice. YTTP is a little too hands-off, especially for beginners, who I’ll often see flailing in class without much direction.

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