Travelogue: Sea Ranch Travelogue May 2014

Russ and I have hit our stride with planning quick get-aways to Sea Ranch. We wait for 3-day weekends then power our way through all of our favorite things to do (which involves a lot of carbs from Two Fish). This past Memorial Day weekend, we drove up early on Saturday, picked up garlicky delicious clam chowder in Bodega Bay and a loaf of bread from Two Fish Baking Company, settled into the house and got into vacation mode by noon.

We napped then took a quick walk to Pebble Beach and up to Two Fish for pizza and soft serve before walking back home.

photo 2

The next morning we went back to Two Fish for our 3rd time in 24 hours for morning buns. There was a line out the door and we kept our fingers crossed that they wouldn’t sell out of our favorites. Be sure to get there before 9!

As we ate, we mapped our plans for the day. On our quest to hike all 50 miles of the trails of Sea Ranch, we hiked a new path on Sunday from the OhlsonRec Center to Shell Beach. Spring is such a great time to be in Sea Ranch with all the wild flowers out and blue skies creating a sparkle effect on the ocean. I wished I had brought my bathing suit for a dip in the pool.

IMG_4908 IMG_4910 IMG_4912   IMG_4916 IMG_4920 IMG_4921 IMG_4926IMG_4927IMG_4930IMG_4936IMG_4943IMG_4946IMG_4950

You can see abalone divers and their red buoys in the picture above. After our long hike we were famished. We drove into Gualala for barbecued baby back ribs from Surf Market and brought them back home to enjoy with a glass of wine and fresh asparagus. Major food coma afterwards.

photo 1

We made dinner at home that night and had a marathon session of True Detective. We unplugged from internet connection the whole weekend, but brought our Direct TV box with all our saved DVR shows. A completely guilty pleasure that we’re proud to have discovered is possible.

On Monday we cleaned up the house and had one last meal at the Sea Ranch Lodge where we enjoyed breakfast with a view. We were back home in the East Bay by the early afternoon to ease back into the week.


Ever so thankful to have this home away from home.

And in case you missed it last week: What Russ Wore and What I Read in Sea Ranch.



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