What Russell Wore, What I Read (in Sea Ranch)

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What Russell Wore:

  • EMS beanie
  • Rec Specs goggles (with prescription)
  • Home-made fishtail tank
  • Air Jordan shorts
  • Nike Combat tights
  • Nike Hyperfeel Trail shoes

What Erynn Read:

ONCE THE SHORE by Paul Yoon. A collection of short stories set on a fictional South Korean island. Some golden lines:

“Maybe going somewhere else was an act of remembrance of where you were from. A world of mirrors in which you witnessed a countless number of things that could have occurred at home or anywhere. And maybe, just maybe, that in itself was worth doing now and again… Like this woman who decided to come to this island of all places and now spent her days looking out at the water, at times with a finger pointed at a single spot on the horizon with the utmost certainty.”

“…time, in some ways, had nothing to do with how you thought of someone. And she did not know how that was possible because time was, she thought, how you defined yourself. It was what made you and what finished you as well.”

“She planted her palms against the sand, wondering how long the beach had existed, how long it had felt the sun and been cooled by the stars. The sand formed to the shape of her body and she found comfort in this.”

                                                                                         – Paul Yoon, Once the Shore

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