Bay to Breakers 2014

A typical foggy San Francisco morning…Image With costumes, naked runners, and jello shots before 9 AM… also known as Bay to Breakers. ImageImageImageImageImage I got too distracted by all the sights to take many photos. But I hope these photos are enough to convey that a good time was had.



4 thoughts on “Bay to Breakers 2014

  1. My first time (back in the 1990’s) at Bay to Breakers my husband and I ran it. I didn’t see any of the craziness that takes place there. Later in the decade (maybe even in the 2000’s) my dad lost a lot of weight and it was his goal to walk it. I WAS SHOCKED! We walked it for three years in a row with my dad and by that last year, I had had enough–it’s too crazy for me. I guess it didn’t help that we were rained on that whole morning. 🙂

    • I only walked the whole thing once, my first year. Then I realized it’s more fun to just pull over at some point along the course and observe the crazy walk by. This year, we only lasted on the main road for less than an hour before we went to get food and eventually a bar. Definitely a surreal day in the city. It’s fun once in a while, but I can see how one can get burnt out by the whole ordeal!

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