Fall 2014 Kick-Off @ Chronicle Books

We had our Fall 2014 Kick-Off party at Chronicle Books last week. It’s a time for the whole company to get together and see/celebrate the books we have coming out in the upcoming season. Since I’m in Sales, I’ve already seen (and sold) most of the books on our Fall 2014 list, but that’s not the case for all the other departments. For example, the Kids Pub Group maybe hadn’t seen the Cocktails for the Holidays book from the Food & Drink Pub Group, or the Marijuana for Everybody book from the Entertainment Pub Group. Anyways, it’s a fun time to see all the great titles lined up while mingling over delicious food and drinks with co-workers. Yigit Pura, owner of Tout Sweet Patisserie in San Francisco and author of our new book Sweet Alchemy provided the treats.

The conference room full of kittens definitely stole the spotlight. There were 4 adoptable kittens to celebrate the publication of I Knead My Mommy, a book of poems about kittens.

photo 2 photo 4    photo 1 photo 4_2 photo 5_2 photo 3_2 photo 2_2


I texted this picture to Russell at the end of the night and said “I adopted these guys. Hi Dad!”photo 1_2

Too bad it was just a joke (Russell was not amused).


p.s. scenes from the Spring 2014 Kick-Off Chronicle party



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