Wine Tasting in Livermore

Livermore is a great alternative to Napa for wine tasting. It’s closer to the East Bay, less crowded, more affordable, and the wines were actually very good. I recently went with some co-workers from Chronicle and we visited three wineries: McGrail, Wente, and Rios-Lovell. Here are some photos from that gorgeous day.

IMG_4718 IMG_4739 IMG_4720 IMG_4719 IMG_4723 IMG_4724

McGrail’s 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon won best red wine in the San Francisco Chronicle’s 2012 wine competition. We did the $10 tasting and I came home with a bottle of their Picazo 2008 Proprietary Red.

IMG_4725 IMG_4726 IMG_4729 IMG_4733 IMG_4737 IMG_4741

Our second stop was Wente Vineyards. Two of us did the standard $5 tasting and the other two did the $10 reserve tasting. We bought a bottle of their chardonnay and had a picnic on their well-manicured lawn, complete with live music.

IMG_4743 IMG_4744 IMG_4746 IMG_4747 IMG_4748 IMG_4753 IMG_4754 IMG_4755 IMG_4756

Our last and my least favorite stop was Rios-Lovell Winery, which specializes in port wines. The tasting was a little haphazard with too many options and all of us tasting different things. But I did appreciate the chocolate bites and gracious hosts.

IMG_4765 IMG_4761 IMG_4770 IMG_4769

There are several more vineyards in Livermore, and I’m convinced that this is a place worth exploring.

p.s. My previous trips to Napa here and here.



5 thoughts on “Wine Tasting in Livermore

  1. I’ve been wine tasting in Livermore twice and really enjoy the wineries. I’ve been to Wente, but haven’t been to the others that you listed. I’ll have to check them out next time I go back!

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