Swooping by Seattle

I was in Washington state recently for a business trip at the Costco headquarters in Issaquah. Typically, I make this a day trip only, admiring the Pacific Northwest pathetically from the car on the short drive from the airport to my meeting. But this time I spent the night and squeezed in a quick trip to the Pike Place Marketplace in Seattle.

photo 2_3_2 photo 3_3_2

I happened across this cute place, Pike Street Press, and was happy to discover that they sell Chronicle products.

photo 3_4_2 photo 4_4_2 photo 3_2_3 photo 4_2_2 photo 4_3_2 photo 5_3_2

Pleeza no squeeza!

photo 3_5photo 3_2_2_2_2photo 4_2_2_2

Watching cheese curds get made at Beecher’s:photo 1_2_3

Admiring the pastries at Piroshky Piroshky:photo 3_2_2_2Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A place crawling with tourists (I was shamelessly one of them), the very first Starbucks: photo 4_2_3

An old photo of what the Pike Place Market used to look like:

photo 2_2_2_2

The view from the Seattle Tacoma airport:   photo 5_2_2_2

A short but sweet trip. Here’s to mixing business with pleasure.



8 thoughts on “Swooping by Seattle

  1. Great pictures of Pike Place. Makes me want to go back. You really got lucky with such a beautiful day too!

  2. Hi Erynn!

    Nice photos of Seattle. I’m originally from here, but now I’m a ‘drifter’ living in SoCal. I also love books, am actually writing a YA novel at the moment. Thanks for the following. And I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂


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