Spring Break in NYC: Day 4

Our trip went by too fast in 4 short days. But we did everything we intended to do: eat, see friends, eat, shop, eat, walk.

On our last day we ate bagels for breakfast from where we used to get bagels all the time- I don’t even know what it’s called, I just call it Bagel Time.

Russell headed to the Garment District for sewing supplies and I shopped on 5th Avenue. We met at the halal cart in Midtown  for lunch.

photo 5_3

Then it was time to go home!


Here’s our full itinerary. People often visit New York and only see the touristy parts of Manhattan. If you really want to experience New York, you’ve got to borough-hop!

Day 1:

  • Brunch at Clinton Street Baking Co., Lower East Side
  • Snack at Shelter Pizza, Williamsburg
  • Drinks at Ides Bar, Williamsburg
  • Dinner at Bia, South Williamsburg

Day 2:

  • Brunch at Lido, Harlem
  • Dessert at Levain Bakery, Harlem
  • Walk through Central Park
  • Dinner at Applebee’s, Bronx

Day 3:

  • Breakfast at Egg, Williamsburg
  • Lunch at Sfilatino Italian Gourmet, Hell’s Kitchen
  • Shopping in Soho:  Atrium/Kith, C.H.C.M., 21 Mercer, Topshop
  • 1st Dinner: Grimaldi’s, Chelsea
  • 1st Dessert: Doughnut Plant, Chelsea
  • 2nd Dinner: Katz’s Deli, Lower East Side
  • 2nd Dessert: Big Gay Ice Cream, East Village

Day 4:

  • Breakfast: Bagel Time, Upper East Side
  • Shopping in Midtown: Niketown, Garment District, Jordan Store, Zara
  • Lunch: Halal Guys, Midtown


Thanks for reading. Til next time New York!


7 thoughts on “Spring Break in NYC: Day 4

  1. Love the itinerary and love that last shot of you! You inspired me to look into air bnb’s prices in NYC – looks like these two teachers may be able to afford to take their girls to the city, after all! Thanks!

  2. I loved your entire Spring Break blog, you accomplished so much in such a short time! The walk in Central park, donuts, Russ and his students… it’s all great! Thanks for sharing!

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