Spring Break in NYC: Day 3

Day 3 started with breakfast  at one of our favorite restaurants, Egg. They just moved into a bigger, sunnier space. They’re still serving the best egg dishes in town (maybe even the state, the country?)

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

We checked out of our place in Brooklyn and spent the next day with our friends on the Upper East Side. When we lived in New York, we lived three blocks from them and it was a golden time. We hung out on the regular, like during Hurricane Sandy, snowstorms, hot summer nights, and just whenever. I miss living in walking distance of friends. And I miss their dog, Sunny Boo Boo.

photo 4_3

Russ spent the morning in the Bronx with his students and I had lunch with a friend in mid-town. We met back up later in the afternoon for some shopping in Soho. Man, I miss this place.

photo 5 photo 1

With limited time, we decided to eat 2 dinners for our last evening. Grimaldi’s Pizza, Doughnut Plant, then Katz’s and 2nd dessert at Big Gay Ice Cream.

photo 2_2 photo 3_2 photo 5_2 photo 1_2

I’m still full.

Last and final day up next, with a final recap and our full borough-hopping itinerary.

Day 1

Day 2



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