What Russell Wore, What I Read (in West Oakland)

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What Russell Wore:

  • Chari & Co. hat
  • ADYN shirt
  • Self-made fishtail tank top
  • David Yurman & Scott Kay bracelets
  • G-Shock watch
  • I Love Ugly pants
  • New Balance shoes

What I Read:

ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth.

I first read DIVERGENT in 2010 when it was still in manuscript form at HarperCollins. (I even got it signed by the author, Veronica). “This is going to be big,” I kept hearing over and over again from the children’s editorial team. Here we are four years later with a movie releasing in a few weeks, book sales rivaling THE HUNGER GAMES, and it’s true, this is the YA book of the moment. The 1st book in the trilogy is still my favorite, but I was glad to finally get some closure with book #3 in the series, ALLEGIANT.

Where We Were:

West Oakland. Waiting to get seated for brunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen. Definitely worth the wait.


4 thoughts on “What Russell Wore, What I Read (in West Oakland)

  1. I actually only heard of these books quite recently. I was a reluctant convert to Hunger Games (I resisted for a long time, but when I finally read them I loved them!) so I think I need to read Divergent now.

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