Quote of the Day: Cool Gray City of Love

“Golden Gate Park is so big – at 1,017 acres, and it’s 20 percent larger than Central Park, and much more overgrown and opaque- that if you don’t approach it methodically, you’ll just keep forgetting whatever you learned. So I divided it up into rough grids and started exploring.

It took about 20 days, walking an hour or two a day with my dog, to cover just about every part of the park. It was glorious and addictive, making new discoveries every day. I savored the mingled pleasure of the mapmaker and the outlaw…I discovered that systematic flitting, if not the secret to human happiness, is a pretty good start.”

As I read these lines in the first opening pages of COOL GRAY CITY OF LOVE, I felt that rare and blissful feeling of falling in love with a book. I love the idea of systematically exploring a city. And I’m so inspired to learn more about this great city of San Francisco that I take for advantage every day in my routine way.  I’m still working on the book, savoring each page. Because trust me, this kind of infatuation with books does not happen often.



10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Cool Gray City of Love

  1. 20 days! I concur – I recently started exploring the paths less traveled in Golden Gate park with my pup, and it’s so expansive! I’ve fallen in love with this book before even getting my hands on it. And of course you want to “systematically” explore – is why we’re good together, since I just wing it (or really, since I just listen to you, haha).

  2. I know just what you mean about how rare it is to really fall in love with a book. The ones that I read so slowly because I don’t want them to end and need to be immersed in them for as long as possible. I’ve always wished there was an amazon category that could read my brain and produce a recommendation list of “Books that will make you feel exactly the same X”

      • I’ve used it a couple of times, and it’s definitely better than amazon recommendations, though lacks the direct link to my heart that would know that I Capture the Castle would make me feel exactly the same way as My Years in France.

  3. Oooh…yet ANOTHER memento I will need to pack with me – thanks for posting! My side of the park is so under used. It’s great for me, of course, because sometimes it feels like it’s all mine, but wish more folks would see how awesome it is.

  4. I love that feeling of falling in love with a book! Sigh. And I have only been to your city once, but I adored it. Can’t wait to take my family there for a long trip someday.

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