Wedding at the Marvimon House, Los Angeles

We went to LA to see a dear friend get hitched!

Helen and I met in Korea where we were studying abroad 11 years (!) ago. We’ve traveled together to Dublin, London, and Paris. Lived together in New York. She’s one of the most out-going, sociable people I know. I credit her for so many fun nights out. And for making sure we all stay in touch, even when things get busy. I love her commitment to her friends and family, her confidence and integrity. And I love that she’s found such a great guy to spend the rest of her life with.

The wedding was a blast. Hip venue, delicious Korean food, late night tacos, lots of catching up with old friends, and a very happy and relaxed bride and groom. Love you guys. Cheers!

IMG_4352 IMG_4357 IMG_4367 IMG_4365 IMG_4372 photo 1

{All 6 of us met in Korea. Here we are hugging our roommates from that special time in our lives.}

IMG_4359 photo 3 photo 5  photo 4

More wedding photos from Helen’s blog here: It’s All Koo!




3 thoughts on “Wedding at the Marvimon House, Los Angeles

  1. Love this! I need to get some more photos form you! Slowly gathering pictures from everyone.. please email me more if you have any. Thanks hun! Love you!

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