Business Trip to Chicago

Chicago was cold. Obvious and understated.

I spent less than 24 hours in Chicago but maximized my time by scheduling 4 meetings and eating at a few key places. One of my four meetings got cancelled last-minute and I nearly missed my flight back, but I still count it as a pretty successful trip.

Here I am in my hotel room, taking a selfie, all bundled up for my walk to dinner.

photo 4

I went to The Girl & the Goatphoto 5_2

Traveling by yourself can be awkward and lonely at times, especially for meals. But I managed to grab a single seat at the bar and eventually made friends with the two other solo diners next to me. One was an aspiring actor in town for rehearsals. The other was a server from a restaurant down the street, who was also an aspiring singer. We ended up sharing food, having some enjoyable conversation, and I was reminded of how important it is to be open to experiences. How easy it would’ve been to get room service and stay within the warmth of my hotel. But I’m happy that I went out into the cold, walked myself 15 minutes in the slush to go to a popular restaurant, without a reservation, and have a nice night talking with interesting strangers while eating amazing food. photo 5

The next morning I had to face reality when I learned that my FedEx package with all my presentation materials hadn’t made it to the hotel in time because of weather delays. Then one of my meetings got rescheduled to too close to my flight (which is how I missed my fourth meeting and had to run to the plane gate). But I rolled with the punches and got through most of my agenda for this very packed trip.

And I got to eat at the McDonald’s headquarters.

photo 3

Here’s the view of the frozen lake from Water’s Edge Restaurant at the Hyatt within the McDonald’s Office Campus, right next to Hamburger University. photo 2 photo 1

I got home close to midnight that night. And left again the very next day for a flight to Los Angeles. Busy times! But I’m having fun. And I’m ever so grateful to be back in warmer weather California.


Biz Trip Part I: Michigan


7 thoughts on “Business Trip to Chicago

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  2. You’ve got to check out Chicago when the weather is nicer and you have a bit more time. I’ve been there only on business trips, but even then, it’s a surprisingly nice city: beautiful, great food, and nice people. Glad your trip worked out OK.

    • I went in early Fall once and spent the weekend there before a meeting. I did absolutely love it. We did the architecture boat tour, ate pizza, went to the Bean. I need to plan my next meeting close to a weekend again!


  3. Chicago was the first place I ever traveled alone (for my birthday, right after a bad breakup, about eight years ago.) Making friends with random people and other travelers is the best part!

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