What Russell Wore, What I Read (at a Walnut Creek Coffee Shop)

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What Russell Wore: 

  • Norse Projects beanie
  • Vintage henley shirt
  • Hill-side scarf
  • In4mation x G-shock watch
  • iloveugly sweatpants
  • Hyperfeel Trail Nikes

What I Read: 

DIRT WORK by Christine Byl. One woman’s story about working on National Park trail crews as seasonal “traildog.” Here are some of my favorite passages:

“What exactly does it mean to live deliberately, to have an authentic life? I asked a handful of people this question and here’s what I heard: living within your means, having a sense of purpose. Feeling grounded, being responsible for the necessities of living. Being happy, but in a deep way, more like content. Existing with a sense of natural limits, where progress isn’t everything. Knowing how to do real stuff. Something’s a little wild, everything’s not figured out. Living the way we evolved to, where our surroundings matter.”

“Some mornings when I crawl out of my tent to a bright sky and stretch the kinks out of my back by lifting my arms and twisting left and right with a muted howl and when I walk across spruce needles in my socks to the food prep area for my cereal and banana…and as I think about the day to come, the lifting and laughing and tinkering and eating and hiking and figuring and eating and cussing and hauling and eating that will mark the next ten hours, and when I lace up my boots over the last three hooks in that familiar rhythm and strap tools to my pack and fall in line with the group…Purposeful and competent, almost embarrassed that the rituals of work can make me feel so happy.”

“‘Guys, I’m gonna die in these here mountains!’ It sounds like a death wish, but really, it’s the opposite, a hope for longevity among friends in high places, life turned up full volume.”

“One of the many things I love about trailwork is that in its seasonality, it is honest. No false assurance. security only in the moment. Take the rest as it comes.”

Where We Were:

Pacific Bay Coffee Co. in Walnut Creek. Russ grading papers, me crouching on the floor taking pictures.




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