Friday Links: Books are Weapons, Being a Book Lover, and Reading Positions

It’s been a busy and eventful week! The publishers at Chronicle presented the Fall 2014 list to all us sales reps. Can’t wait to share!  I traveled to San Diego for a 1-day business trip and got to enjoy the 80-degree weather. My friend Kirby got to meet her celebrity crush, Zac Effron, and now she’s blowing up the internet. True story. 

Thank goodness for 3-day weekends. I’ll be hiking somewhere in the East Bay, watching the 49ers on Sunday, and catching up on pajama time. Have a good one!

best weapons


23 Best Parts of Being a Book Lover. I concur with #1: finding the coziest reading spot, making a hot drink (make that wine for me), and opening up to the first page.



Reading can be a work-out. Reading positions via Warby Parker. 

Reading Positions







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