Spring 2014 Kick-Off

Though it’s only the first week of December, I’ve been living in the world of Spring 2014 at my job.

We have to sell books months in advance, so I’m constantly thinking ahead. We just had our official Spring 2014 kick-off party in the office.

There were drinks, snacks, games, book displays, and even raffle prizes. I was really hoping to win that pair of Warby Parker glasses.

Josey Baker

So much bread, delicious bread . We’re publishing a book by Josey Baker who owns Josey Baker Bread in San Francisco. His book has step-by-step instructions on how to bake your own perfect loaf. His bread is crazy good (and how fitting is his last name??).

Eat Pretty

There were servings of Spiced “Skin Glow” smoothies. The recipe is in the upcoming book EAT PRETTY which is about nutrition as our most powerful tool for beauty inside and out. The book goes on sale in March; you can find some of Jolene Hart’s recipes on her website in the meantime.


There was a printing press from the S.F. Center for the Book to celebrate Chronicle’s new line of letter-pressed  items. We were able to create our own monogrammed letter-pressed cards.


Here’s that raffle I didn’t win. =(

What's In Your Purse

And a game to guess which bag belongs to which co-worker to kick-off  WHAT’S IN YOUR PURSE, a kid’s book in the shape of a handbag with fun lift-the-flaps.

We’ve got an awesome Spring ’14 line-up. But now I’m already thinking ahead to Fall…



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