30th Birthday Celebrations, Part III

For my third and final 30th birthday celebration, I hosted a joint birthday party with my good friend Edward in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 10 of us rented a house and soaked up the sun (and tequila).

We all met at SFO and flew down via Virgin America together on a Thursday. The party got started right away. The flight attendant eventually asked us to sit properly because we were breaking FAA Regulations.


We stayed in Pedregal which is a gated community up on the hills. Our house was amazing.

IMG_3782 IMG_3783

We found it on VRBO. Here’s the listing and some photos. Villa

The living room was perfect for playing King’s Cup every night before going out on the town.

IMG_3775 IMG_3778

On our first night we had dinner and birthday candles at a place our cab driver dropped us off (no idea where or what it’s called), then checked out the night club scene at Mandala and Pink Kitty. I found this Trip Advisor post helpful in deciding where to go (Mandala’s description was quite enticing).

1383787_10100799309489173_1974810267_n Mandala

On Friday, we relaxed at Medano Beach all day. Picture 11

Then had happy hour at The Office. 1422420_10100975361773982_2081779330_n

Later that night we went out to El Squid Roe. 1454840_10151693329601434_883904080_n (2)1383509_10100975362272982_1804048092_n

And came home with this fun souvenir. IMG_3889

On Saturday we went on a snorkel catamaran cruise. On our way to boarding, our group couldn’t resist the Wildlife Conservation booth where you could play with baby lion Amy if you gave a donation. Amy was stinking cute, but also really sad. Hopefully the money really went to a charitable cause. 1385165_10100975362871782_638372622_n 1385588_10102546619935043_2038845337_n (2) Picture 71403267_10100975279069722_840392895_o Picture 8 1396071_10100975376843782_1652524913_n

After the four hour cruise (complete with tequila shots and some poor seasick souls), we went back home to spend the remaining sunlit hours at our infinity pool. The bottom level of our house had windows that looked into the pool.

IMG_3805 IMG_3819 IMG_3828 IMG_3835 IMG_3859IMG_3848  IMG_3880 IMG_3876

That night we made a Costco run and cooked a feast at home. 1374775_10100975363196132_1533027181_n1384220_10100975363241042_300531576_n

And played our final rounds of King’s Cup. I’m amazed that we were able to finish that 3L bottle of tequila. IMG_3891

It was hard to leave on Sunday, another clear and beautiful day.

Picture 1_2

Pretty impressive birthday, right?

:: Part I, Part II




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