Halloween 2013 at Chronicle Books

Sailor Moon

This year was my first Halloween at Chronicle and though people told me what a big deal it was, I had no idea just how elaborate and fun it’d be. People did not joke around.

Work stopped at 2:30 and festivities ensued for the rest of the day.

The over-arching theme of the party was “candy,” and each floor decorated for their rendition of that theme.

  • 1st Floor: (C)Andy Warhol’s Factory
  • 2nd Floor: Candy Land
  • 3rd Floor: Candy Shoppe (of the Dark Side)

Here are some photos that my colleague Lisa Bach (in the Campbell’s soup costume) took.

CandyCandy ShoppeNurseDevilJawbreakers1st Floor GroupI admit my costume was pretty weak, but how cool is Russell’s Jean-Michel Basquiat sweatshirt from Supreme?

Bloody Mary Brillo Campbells      Jello ShotsJello shots at work? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Kouzies  Pop TartsPhoto Wall  Final


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