How to Do Vegas

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I went to Vegas recently, and here are some of my thoughts. I’m no expert, and I hadn’t been since my early 20s, but our trip was pretty epic, so I think we did a lot of things right.


Go with friends that you love (and make it a girls only trip if you can!) 

A lot of people asked us what our occasion for the trip was. Bachelorette party? Birthday? I loved that our answer was Just Because. We all met in college and have stayed close over the years. It’s ridiculous how much fun we have together, and I really truly love them.


Where to stay in Vegas? 

We stayed at Mandalay Bay. Suites are definitely the way to go for large groups. The six of us all slept comfortably and had fun running back and forth between the two bathrooms and lounging in the living room area. Pros of Mandalay? We were really close to the airport. Impressive pool area complete with a  lazy river and wave beach on sand. And I wish we’d known while we were there, but there’s a new club there called Light that one guy at the airport said was his best club experience. Cons? We were a little far from the middle of the Strip and had to take a lot of long cab rides. It’d be fun to stay somewhere like The Cosmopolitan or The Wynn next time.

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Best club in Vegas?    

We went to Bank and XS on the first night, then Hakasan and The Act on the 2nd night.  XS was my favorite by far. But Act is now closed and new clubs are constantly opening so my opinion is already dated. Electronic dance music is everywhere. I wasn’t a fan of it before, but count me in now. Amazing light shows, a thumping bass that gets you deep in your soul, so much love on the dance floor.  Listening to this Spotify mix non-stop.

Wet Republic

Best Pool Party in Vegas?      

We went to Wet Republic at MGM and got a day bed.  Day beds are a little more affordable than cabanas and give you the space you need to get away from the crowds and relax when you want. This was my first day clubbing experience, and it was definitely a highlight of the trip. Here’s a good list of all the options.


Get a table.        

Fork over the cash, or set something up with a promoter ahead of time. Dance floors are way too crowded so it’s really nice to have a home base to rest your feet.


Leave Sunday evening.      

We flew out at 5 PM and it was perfect. Thanks to black-out windows at the hotel we slept in until noon, got a late check-out, pigged out at the buffet, lounged at the hotel pool, and got to the airport feeling a little more recovered. No need to rush out of the funnest places on Earth.

(Vegas map, Wet Republic, and come back soon photos linked to original sources) 


5 thoughts on “How to Do Vegas

    • You should! I thought my partying days were over, but turns out I still have some dance moves in store. I used to go with my family all the time when I was younger. This was a much different kind of trip, and I loved it!

  1. I did very similar things on my trip! Sounds like you did the pool and hotel much better than I did though. Vegas is wonderful, can’t wait to get back there!

    • Vegas gets better with age. My friends and I kept saying how much better it was in our 30s than our 20s. (Mostly since we have more money now, and we could flash our rings when creeps tried to infiltrate our dance parties.) But I’m sure there’s an expiration date to it too. Have fun the next time you go!

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