Perfect Peach

It’s peach season! And I’ve been lucky enough to try some of California’s best peaches from the Masumoto Family Farm in Fresno.

My friends hand-picked these amazing peaches from the farm the weekend before and then invited us over for a dinner party featuring recipes from the farm’s new cookbook, The Perfect Peach.

photo (28)

We started with some prosciutto-basil-wrapped peaches and a refreshing jug of peach sangria.

photo (30)

Followed by peach gazpacho 560001_10101908223516631_1133536791_n

The entree was a delicious spice-rubbed pork chop with grilled peaches and a side of (27)

And finally for dessert,  a peach galette! 996541_10101908223307051_2023655313_n

Awesome dinner party, right? Thanks Michael and Janee!


Also, how perfect of a peach is my friend’s puppy Corgi?

photo (29)

Find out more about how you can adopt a tree and harvest your own fruit from the Masumoto farm here:


6 thoughts on “Perfect Peach

  1. What a delicious night! I’d like to point out to your readers that prosciutto played an essential part in having Kono the corgi sit so patiently next to the book!

  2. Wow! All of this looks so amazing! I need some peach sangria, stat! I love that you can adopt a peach tree! We just planted a peach tree in our yard and I am going to have to buy this book so I can get the most out of my peaches!!

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