Giants Tailgate

Russell and his family are serious SF Giants fans.  Every year his uncle and cousin organize a huge tailgate party. Over 60 friends and family members meet in the ballpark parking lot a few hours before the game to eat and be merry. We’ve missed out on these parties for the last five years (not to mention two World Series championships) while we were away in NY, so we were super excited to finally be part of the fun again.

IMG_3301 (I’m wearing a Yomiuri Giants cap)

IMG_3293 IMG_3308 IMG_3318

We contributed oatmeal raisin cookies to the potluck, but this would’ve been a great book to check out for other good recipes:

The Tailgating Cookbook

Includes burgers, sausages, chili, side dishes, desserts and drinks. And expert tips on prepping ahead of time, food storage, and tailgating etiquette (like don’t try to crash other people’s parties, which we definitely had to deal with; not cool man, not cool).


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