Little Paris Kitchen

A few weeks ago my friends and I celebrated Bastille Day (or more properly called Le quatorze juillet)  by eating a lot of cheese and drinking too much wine. My friend Kirby hosted and made us croque madames using a recipe from The Little Paris Kitchen.  Angie helped out in the kitchen while the rest of us goofed off in the living room.

Picture 1 (this photo courtesy of chickachoi’s Instagram) 


  IMG_3276 IMG_3279  IMG_3291

We also played a really fun game called Heads Up. And watched the music video for Bubble Butt. We were amazed. It’s so good to be back with old friends.

photo (25)

The Little Paris Kitchen, published by Chronicle Books (though Kirby had the UK edition published by Penguin) has 120 simple and classic French recipes. The gorgeous photographs by David Loftus range from food to Parisian life. Author Rachel Khoo hosts a popular BBC show, also called The Little Paris Kitchen.



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