Last Days in NYC

For our last days in New York, Russell and I ate our way through the city we love. In between all the packing, we did a lot of eating at some of our favorite places and a few new spots. Here’s a look. And yes, we really did eat all this food in the span of one week and a few days.

Sushi of Gari  sushi

Hand-made tortilla quesadillas from a street cart in Spanish Harlem harlem

Clinton Street Baking Company

No doubt, the best pancakes in the city, perhaps the world…Clinton1 Clinton2

Katz’s Deli

“I’ll have what she’s having.” Katzs

Shake Shack  Shake Shack

Roma’s Pizza

Our neighborhood pizza joint that always hit the spot, even at 4 AM.roma's

Hiroko’s Place

This is omurice in the shape of a popular Japanese cartoon, AnpanmanAnpanman

Ippudo Ramen   Ippudo 1 Ippudo2

Fette Sau  Fette Sau

Egg   Egg

Torrisi Italian Specialties

7-course meal                                                                                                 Torrissi

Roberta’s  Roberta's

New York, our bellies will miss you!!


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