Supper Book Club: Orphan Master’s Son

For the latest edition of Supper Book Club, my friends and I read The Orphan Master’s Son.

(SO good!)

Per usual, we paired the evening with a potluck of  book inspired food.   Orphan-Masters-Son-with-Pulitzer-Burst (1)

The book is set in North Korea. Since food conditions aren’t always so great in that country (at least from what we know), we decided to stick with what we do know about South Korean cuisine. Which made me, a Korean American, very happy and excited to share some of my culture.


I brought bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), kimchee, rice, and soju. IMG_3226


Nidhi and Cathy provided the greens. Nidhi’s salad dressing had a delicious soy and ginger vinaigrette that complemented the meat so well. And Cathy’s veggies admittedly weren’t very Korean but she did serve a ginger cocktail earlier in the evening. And she hosted!


Jess cleverly brought a peach cobbler, the significance of which is understood if you’ve read the book.

We agreed that this was our best book club yet. The book provided for so much discussion, we hardly talked about anything else (which is pretty unusual if you’ve ever been to book club with a bunch of chatty girls).  The food didn’t fail to impress and I loved that my friends loved the kimchee.

Here we are happy and full after our meal. Oh girls, I’ll miss these gatherings…      IMG_3236


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