What Russell Wore, What I Read

IMG_3171   IMG_3182IMG_3176

What Russell Wore:

  • Kangol hat
  • Vintage Henley shirt
  • Carter & Sons overalls
  • Ten Deep sweater
  • G-Shock watch
  • Timberland boots

What I Read: 

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

The history of our civilization is scrutinized and criticized in this eye-opening novel. Told from the point of view of a gorilla who communicates telepathically. “The world doesn’t belong to us, we belong to it. Always have, always will. We belong to the world. We belong to the community of life on this planet–it doesn’t belong to us. We got confused about that, now it’s time to set the record straight”

And just because, here’s what we ate that day!


Tavern cheeseburger from Tavern29.


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