Quote of the Day: Everything Beautiful Began After

George loved every aspect of language. He loved to see it written, to hear it used, to feel its sounds in his mouth. What couldn’t be felt in real life could be felt through language — through the experience of another by the setting of marks upon a page. It was unthinkable, yet it worked…And for the past 5,000 years there has been a thread running through humanity keeping it together, so that we may know a person’s innermost feelings without ever having known them personally.”

– Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After

EverythingBeautiful pb c

Simon Van Booy has a way with words that seems to speak directly to my soul. I first fell in love with his short story collection, Love Begins in Winter.

Everything Beautiful Began After is a love story set in Greece. It’s impossible not to take pause with so many of his sentences and really marvel at the power of the written word.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Everything Beautiful Began After

  1. I once asked a Lit professor of mine why it seemed people were always writing letters in books and Shakespeare plays. He gave an answer I will never forget. He said, “Because language scares people.”

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