West Village Bar Crawl

Remember my ladies liquor club? For our latest edition we decided to hit the streets and do a West Village Bar Crawl. I organized an overly-ambitious itinerary.

Google Maps1. Houston Hall

2. Daddy-O

3. Blind Tiger Ale House

4. Down the Hatch

5. Empellón Taqueri

6. Highlands

7. Vin Sur Vingt

8. Art Bar

We ended up deviating off our scheduled path and only made it to 5 bars in all (much to our livers’ relief, I’m sure). I loved seeing the neighborhood this way, and I had such a fun time with the ladies. Here are some pictures from along our crawl.

Houston Hall

IMG_3091IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3086 IMG_3087


IMG_3092 IMG_3098

Wilfie & Nell


IMG_3107 IMG_3110 Photo

Diablo Royale

IMG_3116 IMG_3119 IMG_3121 IMG_3123

Art Bar

IMG_3125 IMG_3127

The West Village is a neighborhood rich in history and glamour. It’s not unusual to run into celebrities (Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester from Glee walked by us while we were at Diablo Royale!). To learn more about this neighborhood, check out The Village Village hc c

It’s illustrated with historic black-and-white photographs, and includes profiles on many of the people who made Greenwich Village famous, such as Walt Whitman, Willa Cather, Jack Kerouac, Anais Nin and Bob Dylan.


10 thoughts on “West Village Bar Crawl

  1. Looks like a warm weekend in NYC! I forget how packed everything is there as opposed to here in little old Olympia :)! Wilfie and Nell looks absolutely darling. Looks like you had at least one cocktail for me, too – way to go!

    • Houston Hall was crazy crowded. They just opened this year so it’s very much the “now” place to be. Wilfie and Nell was definitely more my pace, cozy but more room to breathe and less of the fratty crowd.

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