Friday Links

I love this Great Gatsby cover, found via the Harper Imprint blog.


10 Foolproof Books to Give as Gifts. A list of of foolproof books NOT to give as gifts would be interesting too. What to Expect When You’re Expecting from some impatient grandparents? What’s Going On Down There? at a teen’s birthday party with friends?

21 Books Every Man Should Read (though I think this list is perfectly suitable for women as well!)

Some book jargon, in case you were ever curious what “foxed” pages are.

A Bold Italic post on a Tween book club. Sign me up!


How to throw a Game of Thrones Wedding  If you're feeling up to it, serve Ned head cake pops.

(Ned Stark head cake pops by Not Your Momma’s Cookie)

Also this hilarious video, thanks to my friend Cathy: 


3 thoughts on “Friday Links

      • I highlighted an i-phone version in one of my shopping guides, and could not pass up the Galaxy version for myself. Being a bad-ass literary lady is actually one of my goals in life. For real.

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