Meal Planning

Meal planning is one of the most tedious and relentless household chores. For years Russ and I would get stuck on the never ending question “What should we eat tonight?” and then order take-out. This can get pretty expensive (we easily spend $35 on each order).

This past year, I think we’ve finally hit our stride on meal planning.  We sit down together every Sunday and type up a menu for the upcoming week, make a grocery list, and then go shopping that same day for everything.

We use lots of cookbooks for inspiration:


Here’s what our lists look like:


More planning up front, but so much easier for the rest of the week. And much cheaper too. We probably spend about $75-$90 on each grocery trip, and cooking every night also makes left-overs for lunch the next day. Win!


10 thoughts on “Meal Planning

    • Such a terrible beast. But I promise this method has been working really nicely for us. On lazy weeks, we just copy what we’ve done in the past, which is as easy as searching for “groceries” in our gmail history.

  1. Yay for you guys! My husband deeply hates my meal planning, but it saves us so much time and money in the long run. Looks like some great cookbooks you’ve got there, too!

  2. As a working mom of 3 young ones, I too struggle with meal planning. I am currently working on a web tool that helps me make it easier. Try it if you like (currently in Beta), I would love to know if it helps you and your family. Contact me at terra@mealspring.comif you would like more info

  3. I totally do meal planning! It saves me from over shopping and saves me money! I use to plan. There is an annual membership fee, but I can upload favorite recipes, try new recipes and schedule meals on a calendar. The best part is that it creates my shopping list for me! Love it! Good luck with your planning!

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