Get the Guy

Do you watch reality TV? How about the latest show READY FOR LOVE? You can watch a full episode here

One of the hosts, Matthew Hussey, also wrote a book. He came into the Harper office a few months ago to talk about it.


This was the email invite:  invite

I’m not single or looking to get any guys but I went anyways, for the sake of this blog (and the sweets).  I jotted down some notes for all you single people out there.

3-steps to meeting a guy:

  1. Make eye contact for 1-2 seconds to acknowledge you see him, then make eye contact again, from the side of your eyes to acknowledge attraction (turn your head before you turn your eyes).
  2. Get closer in proximity – make it easier for him to get closer to you.
  3. Ask him for a favor – e.g., “Can you help me bring these drinks over to my friends?”

(My co-worker also had another good tip to getting a conversation started: “accidentally” step on his feet and apologize. Russell, however, strongly disagreed and said he’d be pretty upset if anybody stepped on his beloved shoes.)

When you’re at a bar, don’t stand in a circle with your friends. Everyone should be pointed out with their energy directed outwards; you should feel approachable.

When you’re talking to someone new, don’t stand directly face-to-face with them because that can get awkward. Stand next to each other or at an L-shape. This way you maintain physical proximity but aren’t forced to stare into each other’s eyes the entire time. On a first date, it’s better to sit together on a park bench than face each other while eating dinner.

Girls have been making the first move for years and need to keep doing so. It can be something subtle, it just needs to be something that makes it easy for the guy to pick up on and react.

LOL, what do you think? Do you agree with Matthey Hussey’s advice? I personally found him very charming, funny, and realistic.

For more secrets to the male mind and strategies to conquer relationships, check out his book, on sale now.


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