Friday Links: Being a Book Drunkard, Where Books Come From, and More!


I’ve recently become addicted to reading on my I-Pad. I love the way the pages flip and the highlighter function has a rough finish like a real highlighter pen. But I’ve yet to try reading on a cell phone. How about you? Here are some stats about those who have:   Goodreads - reading on a cell phone - infographic

And here’s a super funny video that my mother-in-law sent to me in defense of reading on real paper rather than on a device: 


{via Geeky Book Snob}

Baby’s Steps to Learning to Love Books: books-and-kids-1                                                                               See #s 2-6 on Crappy Pictures’ hilarious blog here.

Great piece on What Happens When You Like Books More Than Anything Else In the Whole World.

Beautiful bookstores in residential spaces: url

And lastly, Where do books come from? 


11 thoughts on “Friday Links: Being a Book Drunkard, Where Books Come From, and More!

  1. I was a phone-and-computer reader long before I ever got my first tablet/ereader. I’m actually beginning to prefer reading digitally because my Kindle Fire is lighter than most books, and I don’t have to worry about damaging the spine or the page corners. Or get food on them…but I will always love physical books.

  2. Love that video! So funny!

    I love reading on my iPad too! I actually do both though. I love actually holding the books and buying more than I can read at the bookstore! On the other end, I love that I can instantly have a new book to read in seconds and that I can read it at night without the lights on. I was in the desert recently, MILES away from a bookstore and finished the book I was reading, I downloaded two books and finished them before I left to go home.

  3. Oh, my! That video is a gem! I have read two books on my iPad, and I’m about to start my third. Still prefer the paper kind, but not opposed to the iPad! I just stayed up Saturday night to finish Gabriel Ruiz Zafon’s Prisoner of Heaven, the third in his awesome series. Have you read them?

  4. I love reading on my Nook; I haven’t tried reading on my tablet, but I can say that I hate reading on my phone. Because not very much text can appear on the screen at once, it requires a lot of swiping that breaks up the reading experience too much for my liking.

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