How to Arrange a Baby’s Bookcase

I couldn’t be more excited for my manager who’s expecting her first child this Spring. As she prepares for her little one, we’ve been thinking about how to best display one of the most important things in her new nursery: books.

You don’t want a jumbled mess of books of all different trim sizes, like this:

Here are some tips I found on-line for a more stylish and organized baby’s bookcase:

Arrange baby-friendly items on bottom shelves of the bookcase, such as toys.

Use baskets, canvas bins and plastic containers on middle shelves to store baby bottles, pacifiers, lotions, diaper pins and other small baby items.

prepster baby bookshelf

Display framed photographs, engraved baby cups or spoons, breakable collectibles and other special baby items on upper bookshelves. Place a small lamp on a middle or upper shelf to softly illuminate a bookshelf’s contents.

Style a bookcase with unexpected items, like an eye-catching antique or unique keepsake. Bookcase

Organize books by size. This helps the books stay put since children’s books are of all different shapes and sizes, and your child will be able to put books back in their correct place.

Arrange your books in mixed horizontal and vertical stacks.  If you are arranging horizontally, keep heavier books at the lower compartment and light-weight books on the upper compartments.

Remove seasonal books — such as holiday books — and place them on a high shelf or store away until the holiday approaches.

Use a furry friend to keep your child’s favorite reads in place. Stuffed animal as a bookend

I also love this baby photo picture idea:

bookshelf baby

And here are some suggestions on what books to fill a baby’s shelf with:




10 thoughts on “How to Arrange a Baby’s Bookcase

  1. I love these suggestions! The baby pictures are an ingenious touch. As a grandma who strongly believes in filling her grandchldren’s worlds with books, I know a well-stocked bookshelf should be a prominent piece of furniture in a child’s room. I’ve got ideas for baby-friendly titles flooding my brain right now!

  2. SO precious. I am going to keep these tips for myself, and also incorporate some into my Goddaughter’s room now that she’s getting older and is listening to stories more. Great post. =)

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