Bikram Yoga


The last time I tried bikram yoga, I nearly fainted and vowed never to go back.

Guess I lied to myself because I recently came across a Gilt deal for an unlimited $49 month membership to a bikram yoga studio and took the bait. So I’m going back into the fire.

I’ll be going to this studio:


And reading along with this book:


The bikram practice promises to help you combat afflictions like stress and back pain. The 26 postures are supposed to work muscles, increase flexibility, and flush toxins out of your system. Plus you’re supposed to burn 1020 calories/class (woah!).

I also just finished a month’s deal at YogaWorks which I absolutely loved, loved, loved. I spent a month doing vinyasa, ishtanga, yoga flow, yoga works, and yoga blend classes and I’ve never felt better.

I’ll check back in here on this blog in one month and let you know how bikram goes. Wish me luck!


Update:  Post 3o-day thoughts



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