Little House Leather Book

Check out this beauty!

This is a leather-bound edition of Little House: The First Five Novels that yours truly worked on as a custom project with the proprietary team here at Harper and at Sterling Publishers. These books can only be found in Barnes & Noble stores, so if you like the looks of these amateur photos, check out the real deal at the B&N nearest you. You can also buy them online here.

They have gilded edges, ribbon book marks, and illustrations galore. Oooh, aaah…

And here’s a peek of what it looks like on my bookshelf with some other leather-bound editions, also available at Barnes & Noble. 


6 thoughts on “Little House Leather Book

  1. Those leather-bound editions are really beautiful. I can’t wait to buy this for my daughter – we laughed and cried and worried over the whole series together last year, and she is still obsessed and playing “Mary and Laura” with her friends (just like we did!). I must ask, though I don’t know that you can answer yet, will the rest in the series get the same treatment?

    • Love how you and your daughter can connect over such a timeless classic! During Hurricane Sandy, my friends and I joked that we were living like the Little House days without power and hot water. Those books have had such an impact on our culture, right? I’d love to get the rest of the series in the same treatment, but there are no firm plans yet. Hopefully B&N sees how well these do and come back for more! You’ll be one of the first to know if it happens.

      • I’m definitely buying it for my god daughter, who hasn’t read them yet! Yay! So funny about your comment during the hurricane; I said the same thing after just three days without power during the big winter storm we had in Washington State last January. I also said that I was just not cut out to be Caroline Ingalls….my husband said, “I thought you were more resilient than this!” It’s become a joke around here.

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