Library Love

{Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum, Osaka, Japan}

Ah, libraries. I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been a long time since I’ve checked out a book from a library.  When I was younger my mom would let me fill my bag with as many books as I could carry. And I’d get to borrow one VHS too. I must have watched every single Shirley Temple movie. I spent many middle school, high school, and  college days in libraries too. And when I lived in Oakland, I made pretty regular trips to the Rockridge branch.

I guess it’s difficult in New York because the popular books are often on long waiting lists and now that I work in publishing I have easy access to a lot of new and backlist titles. Free e-book classics don’t help either. But these images make me swoon and I know it won’t be too long before I’m back in my local library taking in the glory of stacks upon stacks of books. I love libraries and hope they last forever.

Click on photos for image sources. 

{Book Mountain in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands}

{National Library of China, Beijing}

{University Library, Reims, France}


{Seattle Public Library, Washington, USA}

{Biblioteca do Pala`cio Nacional da Ajuda Lisboa III, Lisbon, Portugal}

{Cerritos Public Library, CA, USA}

{New York Public Library, NY, USA}

How about you? Do you still check out books from libraries? 


9 thoughts on “Library Love

  1. Defenitly I’m always using the libary although to be honest buying a book it the most satisfying feeling, yes even after the hundereds of books I buy 😉

  2. I too hope that libraries never become obsolete! I think fans of your blog would love to see photos of your library wedding. I especially loved how you wove books and flowers together for decoration and gave books as party/wedding favors!

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