Shaking Off Hurricane Sandy

Wow, what a week! And yes, that’s a picture of me, trying on everything in our emergency packet. Clearly cabin fever was setting in after being trapped in our tiny apartment for too long.  But honestly, I was very fortunate and my neighborhood was largely unaffected. One of my best friends from San Francisco got stuck in town with us for the week, we played Catan, ate lots of home cooked meals, watched hours of news, and nothing from our emergency packet had to be used. Not too shabby. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who weren’t so lucky and are still recovering from the wrath of Sandy.

This book news was almost just as surprising as the doom and gloom of #Frankenstorm.

On a lighter note, how fun are these pom pom bookmarks. Click on photo for full tutorial. 

Fun cake (but how the heck would you cut it?)

I loved this photo on Underground Public Library of a dude reading French Kids Eat Everything

An awesome visualization of book covers for Top 10 Best Selling books from USA Today for the last 12 years.  A great way to see if there are any trends in bestselling book covers. Click on photo for more info on the author’s methodology and findings.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there! 


2 thoughts on “Shaking Off Hurricane Sandy

  1. Could that guy be any more french?? hahaha it’s true though. Edward is not picky at all and strictly eats during meal time, even if he’s starving.

  2. So glad you were okay in the hurricane! Watching it on the news out here in the Pacific Northwest…well, it looked like the apocalypse.
    Love that visual of book covers – there was an fruitful year for black covers in there. Hmm. What’s up with that? Food for thought.

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