Twisted Cakes

by Erynn

It’s almost Halloween! Are you dressing up or giving out candy? If you’re baking, can I suggest some of these masterful creations from our new book TWISTED CAKES?

Okay, this cover is uber creepy. It gets worse/better, depending on how you look at it.

This next one absolutely terrifies me, mostly because I’ve had to deal with similar situations in my NY apartment. I never want to re-live the experience, especially not in edible form.

But props to anyone who can pull this off. 

This one I think is actually cute and could be perfect for Halloween parties.

Back to gory:

So this cookbook may or may not be your thing. But one thing’s for sure. The author, Debbie Goard, is freaking talented. She came up with all these creations and figured out how to break them down for any lay-man to re-create. She even includes templates in the back of the book. 

Cool places to buy a copy of Twisted Cakes:

And if you’re a procrastinator like me and still need Halloween ideas before Wednesday, here are few quick book links for inspiration:

Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Twisted Cakes

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