Book Links & Boston Weekend Plans

by Erynn

Greetings from Boston! I’m spending the weekend here with Russell and my friend Janee. We rented a cute little place in Jamaica Plains and have big plans to tour the Sam Adams brewery, walk the Freedom Trail, shop here and here, eat here, and visit Salem for their Halloween festivities. What’re you doing this weekend?

Here are some book links I discovered while trolling the web this week:

What books would you read if you committed yourself to no TV for a week? See what one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard did. 

6 Great Books About New York curated by Design Mom

Funny comic.

How well do you know Charlotte’s Web? Do you know which actor volunteered to perform in the animated feature film for no salary, out of a love of the original novel?? Click here to take the whole quiz. This is embarrassing, but I totally flunked.

If I was in New York this weekend, I’d totally want to check this out:

Thanks as always for reading. Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!


4 thoughts on “Book Links & Boston Weekend Plans

  1. Well I would read: Warriors, Skullduggery pleasant and hmmmm… maybe Eragon? Altough this is only three series/books so theres a lot more I could pick 🙂

      • I just started THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, which I am liking a lot so far- it reminds me of WHITE OLEANDER. Have you read CUTTING FOR STONE? I loved that novel. I also love Carmen Posadas, LITTLE INDISCRETIONS is a great mystery set in Spain…

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