The Gentry Man and Russell’s Hats

by Erynn

My last post on Russell was by far the most popular post I’ve had to date. So to feed the demand, here’s another post on his style. Today we’ll be focusing on hats based on reading from The Gentry Man.

The Gentry Man Magazine was a publication that ran from 1951-1957 and it’s still considered one of the most influential men’s magazines ever created. This book edited by Hal Rubenstein curates some of its best articles for modern-day consumption.

It has articles like “How to Look at a Football Game.” 

And also chapters on diverse subjects like religion, art, diamond shopping, and oh yeah, hats.

Russell is almost always wearing a hat. He’s gone through a lot of different hair styles (long, shaved, blonde, spiky, corn-rows, you name it) but his look has always been anchored by hats.

He believes every guy should have a lot of different hats (both figuratively and literally). Different situations call for different hats. But at the end of the day, there has to be that one hat you go to for any and all occasions- one hat that’s very much you.

Russell’s go-to hat is a felt one from Marks & Spencer that he bought from a 2nd hand shop, Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley, when he was 20 years old. He custom-tailored it himself and still wears it all the time.

When I first met Russell in college, he had a straw hat like the one above that was definitely his go-to hat at the time. And it was perfectly him and well-suited for the beach-y campus environment. It was a sad day when the hat died (from too much wearing and washing).

Here’s a montage of all his other hats:


So, what’s your opinion on hats? Has Russell convinced you that you should stock up?

Cool places to buy a copy of The Gentry Man:


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