Yay Friday!

by Erynn

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. I’ll be celebrating my 29th birthday with my in-laws who are visiting New York. We’re going to watch this and eat here!

Modest 8x10 Fine Art Print, Signed Original Artwork

Here are some of my favorite book links from around the web this week:

An interesting and convenient way to read:

I’m reading Moby Dick right now (or more like I’ve been reading it for a few months and have hardly made a dent). I loved Google’s sketch on Thursday for the book’s 161st anniversary.

And this looks like a great and fun way to help me get through the book more quickly:

My friend Helen sent me the link to this awesome site that helps you figure out what to read next:

So for example, if you really enjoyed the dystopian YA book,  Divergent (like I did), here’s what you should read next. Brilliant!

And last but not least, this bookcase is pretty stunning. It’s like stacking your books in a giant puzzle!

Thanks for reading, see you on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Yay Friday!

  1. Once is set in Dublin! The movie was filmed all over the same streets we walked on together 🙂 Hope you like it!! Happy early birthday! xxx

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