My Garden

by Erynn

Are any of you out there gardeners?

The girl in this sweet book by Kevin Henkes, My Garden, grows a fantastical garden of chocolate rabbits and flowers that change color.  I have no space of my own to create a garden (except for a fire escape that’s overrun by pigeons and harsh weather) but luckily, the New York Botanical Garden is just a short subway ride away.

We made a trip out a few weeks ago to catch the Monet exhibit and wow, I think I’d take these beautiful, well-kept grounds via public transportation over having a private garden in my own backyard any day. Even if it did grow chocolate rabbits.

Okay, but having my very own garden would be really cool too. I think I’d go the rock garden with succulents route. How about you?

Cool places to buy My Garden for your gardening inspiration:


8 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. I love the rock garden with succulents idea – how very California of you! Places like the New York Botanical garden help me to realize that my dream house is actually a teeny tiny house with lots of outdoor space. Less house, more garden!

  2. I have a tiny front garden. About two years ago I planted the border with lavender and it has thrived! I always smell it when I open my front door and a few people have told me that now when they smell lavender they remember my place 🙂

    • That’s amazing, I love lavender. And what a sweet way for people to remember your home. Would lavender match with succulents and rocks? I don’t care, I’m doing it anyways! (When I have space to make a garden of my own one day, that is.)

      • I think it would match, but you would probably need a lot more water for the lavender. It smells so good- you’ll love it, just remember to cut it back every fall. I also harvest the flowers to make little scent bags, and the plant looks so much better than with the dead flowers…

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