Douche Journals

by Erynn

Do you guys watch New Girl? Do you love it like I do?  Do you love Schmidt?

If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, well then I have a treat for you.

DOUCHE JOURNALS went on sale in September and is available in a bookstore or cool store near you.

Written in Schmidt’s ridiculously hilarious voice, this book has tons of inside jokes, behind-the-scenes back stories, and more insights into the wonderful personality that is Schmidt.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this fabulous character, quick watch this:

I have one copy to give away. If you’d like a chance to win it, just comment below on why you love (or don’t love) Schmidt. Winner will be chosen at random next Wednesday, October 17th!


8 thoughts on “Douche Journals

  1. i love schmidt because he is exactly what i warned my college guy pals NOT to be 10 years ago when they all considered going “metro”– funny thing is, half of them are VERY “schmidt-esque” now, and I love them!

  2. BTW- I didn’t know you had a blog! lol, I’m totally going to follow you. My sis introduced me to “New Girl,” claiming it reminded her of me (still trying to see the similarities). it’s a cute show 😉

    • Steph! Good to see an old friend on this new blog. I can totally see how your sister sees you in the show- smart, funny, cute, yup, that’s how I remember you. Thanks for reading! And commenting!

  3. I ❤ New Girl! Schmidt is my favorite character, but honestly the whole cast is perfect. Even the amazing celebrity cameos in it too. You can tell that this show pure comedy chemistry. It is on it's way to being the best comedy show on tv. The writing is phenomenal!! How can you not love Schmidt's character???? Him being the fat guy that no one liked in college. Now he is all arrogant and cocky since losing his baggage.He's always hilarious because of those perfect one liners. Such a douche bag. The douche jar episode, I literally had tears coming out my eyes and couldn't breath from laughing so hard. One of those perfect characters for tv's that people can relate because a lot of people know someone in their life who reminds them of Schmidt.

  4. Maybe it says something (really negative) about a lot of my guy friends and acquaintances, but I didn’t think Schmidt was that douche-y at first, by comparison. I think it may be that he is harmless and just endlessly materialistic. But then my friend started dating this guy that is JUST LIKE Schmidt only not harmless and not funny and had no redeeming qualities. So now I like Schmidt (but not as much as Nick, who is my favorite). But I still hate my friend’s ex hahaha

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