The Alchemist

by Erynn

One of my all-time favorite book quotes from The Alchemist

This particular illustrated print by Etsy artist Lindsay Whitehead is sadly no longer available. But she has other equally beautiful prints available online.


Have you read The Alchemist? Thoughts??


4 thoughts on “The Alchemist

  1. This book is one I’ve read about six times, and it always changes my direction in life a bit – helps me adjust my sails. It brought me back to writing and got me to start my blog, actually! And it was the last book my dad read before he died because he was always up on a recommendation from his daughter :). Great pick, guys, and what a wicked cool concept for a blog!

    • Thanks so much for the heart-felt comment. THE ALCHEMIST has helped direct my life so much too. It’s what encouraged me to move out to New York and pursue a career in publishing. It’s how my husband gave me my engagement ring (literally, he cut a box the book and put the ring inside, though he was smart enough to get a new copy and not butcher my original). I love hearing how the book has inspired others, so thank you for sharing your story!

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