Cool Place That Sells Books: Grasshopper

by Erynn

I love how Grasshopper says on their own website: “Our book selection is our biggest pride and joy; featuring many of our old favorites as well as some new ones.” Based in Portland, OR, Grasshopper is a cute and imaginative store for kids.

And they have a lot of other awesome stuff besides books in their store, like organic baby clothing, arts & crafts, musical instruments, bikes, and more.

“We love our customers and want to make sure your visit is a great one. We’d love to help you find that ‘special something'”

Here’s a quick selection of some of my favorite items from their store, that you can buy directly online:


And here’s a sample of the kinds of books you’d find there.

Wouldn’t you love to browse this store for the favorite kid in your life? 

Grasshopper Store
1816 N.E. Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211


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