Living in a Nutshell

by Erynn

Living in New York city calls for some very creative space saving techniques in the home. Janet Lee, author of LIVING IN A NUTSHELL: Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces, inspires me to make my little space a lot more lovely. Her book has tons of easy DIY projects to spruce up tiny living spaces.

Like add some color to your small entry way and flaunt your flaws. Ungainly heaters in awkward areas? Paint it ombré and voila, stylish.

Here are a few more fun spreads from her book:


While my home is nowhere near this clean or stylish, I do believe in being organized and having a home full of personality and functionality. Here’s a peek into my own apartment with some of my own humble decorating tips.

My apartment was built in 1901 and I love the details like this doorknob and decorative wall moldings that are left over from a bygone era.

We have a railroad style apartment with a long hallway. To make this area a little more lively we hung up cranes that our family folded for our wedding and painted a chalkboard area where friends can leave fun messages for us. 

One of the rooms off this long hallway is  a half bedroom that we converted into a closet. If you read my Style & the Man post, you know I have a husband with a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes. He built these shelves to house his collection against one wall and installed a bunch of rods to hang up our clothes on the opposite wall.

My favorite part of our kitchen is this little tea and coffee mug station that we built using mason jars screwed into a shelf.

And back in the living room, we have our desk built into a little nook. 

Tell me, what are some of your home-making tips? 

And if you’re in need of some inspiration, here are some cool places where you can buy a copy of LIVING IN A NUTSHELL:

Corazon, a Paper + Art + Gift + Home Shop in Minneapolis, MN

Therapy, various locations across California

Moxie, a store with” the most random, quirky, beautiful, funny and can’t-live-without items” in Dekalb, IL

The Blue House, a happy home furnishings, gifts, and accessories lifestyle store in Bethesda, MD


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