Wavy Hair Tutorial via Lauren Conrad Style

by Erynn

I’m not really a fan of reality TV, but I do appreciate this book by one of the most succesful stars of reality TV, Lauren Conrad. LAUREN CONRAD STYLE has all sorts of useful style advice like, how to wear a black dress multiple ways:

How to wear red lipstick:

And even how to take flattering photos:

Inspired by Lauren’s how-to achieve wavy hair, I thought I’d share my process here with you.

Here are the tools I use: Chi 1″ Flat Iron, Fekkai beach waves spray, Fekkai Volume spray, round brush, bobby pins and hair claws

My method’s a bit different from Lauren’s, but same idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure you get all of your hair.

Disclaimer: My method probably won’t work for everybody. There are all sorts of different hair textures and routines out there, so this is strictly just how I do it and maybe you can pick up a few pointers that will work for you.

I start by pulling my hair into a loose bun after I shower and let it dry that way.

Once nearly dry, I spray in the beach waves product to the ends and create some volume at top by brushing down a round a brush towards my scalp.  I can stop here but if I want a more polished look I use my straightening iron. I know, it’s weird that I use a straightening iron to curl my hair.

I clip up the top half of my hair and curl the bottom half of my head first. Starting from the roots, I pull down the straightening iron about half way, then start turning it to wrap my hair around the iron, curling away from my face. Once the bottom half is finished, I clip that part up and start working on the top half of my head. Once I’m done with the top, I shake out the bottom, spritz it all with some volume hair spray and voila.

Sometimes I braid a chunk of hair in the front too and secure it with 2 bobby pins.

Really pretty simple once you get the hang of it.



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