EAT WITH YOUR HANDS at Fatty ‘Cue/Fatty Crab

by Erynn

Out of all the great things that New York has to offer, I think easy access to amazing restaurants is one of the best things. When people come to visit me in New York, all I do is drag them around to various restaurants stuffing their faces with delicious food.

Such was the case a few years ago when my good friend @chickachoi came to visit. It took us nearly an hour to get to Brooklyn’s Fatty ‘Cue. But once there we were welcomed with scrumptious Asian-inspired BBQ. (We also took advantage of their recession special: 1 shot whiskey, 1 shot spicy pickle back, 1 PBR  tallboy)

  photo by gsz
   photo by wallyg

Then for my last birthday I went to Fatty Crab, Fatty ‘Cue’s sister restaurant that serves up some wild Southeast Asian cuisine. The watermelon pork salad was one of my favorite dishes.

                 photo by goodiesfirst

If you don’t live in New York but want to try Fatty ‘Cue or Fatty Crab dishes, you’re in luck, because the chef/founder just came out with a cookbook called EAT WITH YOUR HANDS. The recipes are a bit ambitious for me, but if the results taste half as good as the food in the restaurant, it’ll be worth your time and effort. There are over 125 recipes and there’s a broad range of inspiration from easy-to-make snacks to complex dishes to knock the socks off the guests at your next dinner party.  Here are some mouth-watering spreads from the cookbook:


Cool places to get a copy of EAT WITH YOUR HANDS:

Williams-Sonoma, various locations

Firefly in Venice, CA

Online at Jessica’s Biscuit

Let’s Get Cookin’, a professional cooking school in  Westlake, CA

Fatty ‘Cue in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY


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