by Erynn

“London is propulsion, it rewards those people who push forward. I loved that about it…In London, even on the days when my knees hurt, my hip hurt, and my Achilles tendon hurt, I loved that sense of constant propulsion.”

– Craig Tyler, Londoners

In honor of the London Olympics, today we bring you some quotes from Craig Taylor’s LONDONERS.

The author spent ten years collecting stories from people of all walks of life in and around London. The result is an epic portrait of one of the world’s most fascinating cities. There’s both love and hate for the city, which I totally get as a New Yorker/California transplant. These are some more quotes that really jumped out at me:

“I’ve always found that if you live in a cramped place, you have cramped thoughts. London has that sense of being claustrophobic, and there’s a general cynicism, a pessimism, that invades your thoughts.”

“When are you actually happy and satisfied with what you’ve got? I guess you’re not and maybe London just likes to rub it in…I hate that London never satisfies me. Nothing is ever enough. So it’s like always looking for the next thing or waiting for the next place to go to. It would be nice if things just stopped for a while. I just don’t feel like I could ever be satisfied here because there’s too much on offer. When do you stop desiring? You don’t, and I think I’m too stuck in the system to stop wanting.”
“I hadn’t yet become an urban otter—one of those sleek Londoners who move through the city with ease, as if passing through warm liquid. They’re the ones who seem slow and graceful but are always covering ground; who cross streets without looking back and forth; who know how to fold a newspaper crisply in the middle of a packed tube train.” 

“London is like any other kind of addiction, really. You get five per cent entertainment out of it, and that makes you suffer through the other 95 per cent of it.”

Really fascinating read. Have you been to London? Do you agree with these sentiments?

Cool places that sell LONDONERS:

Boo Radley’s, an eclectic gift shop in Spokane, WA

Sun Rose Words & Music Store in Ocean City, NJ

The Fig Tree, a cards, stationary & accessories shop in Chicago, IL


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