Friday News & Give-Away: Vineyards, Mazes and More

by Erynn

It’s been a hot and stormy week in NYC and I’m feeling a little exhausted like our furry friend above.  I’m looking forward to a weekend of watching the new Batman movie, drinking sangria with girlfriends, and trying a new dim sum place with my husband.

Here are some fun book links from around the web:

Books as the latest fashion accessory? Check out these photos of purses that look like books.


So cool, a public bookcase in Berlin where people can borrow and give away books as they please.

Italian artist Massimo Bartolini turned a vineyard into an outdoor library in Belgium.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get cozy under this bedtime stories duvet cover?

This one’s sad. Buzzfeed compiled 25 depressing portraits of closed book stores. Major buzz kill, right?

I love getting lost in a really good book. How about getting lost, literally, in a maze of books?

                                     click on photos for all image sources

Hope you have a great weekend. I encourage you to get lost in a book, visit your local bookstore or somewhere cool that sells books, recharge for next week (can you believe it’s already almost August?!).

For a chance to win a free copy of FRENCH KIDS EAT EVERYTHING: How Our Family moved to France, cured picky eating, banned snacking, and discovered 10 simple rules for raising happy, healthy eaters leave a comment below on what you’re reading these days, or just say hi. Winner will be randomly selected next Wednesday, August 1st.

* Thanks to last week’s winner, Juliane, who just finished Middlesex!


2 thoughts on “Friday News & Give-Away: Vineyards, Mazes and More

  1. I’m almost done reading Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, and will be devastated once I’m done. Yet I’m excited to finish it, so I can rave about it on!

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