Music Monday: Greatest Music Stories Never Told

by Erynn

A few of my favorite bloggers do this thing called Music Mondays. Eat Your Kimchi is one. And Game of Style is another. We’ll try to replicate some of that awesomeness and write about music on occassional Mondays.  First up is this quirky book called The Greatest Music Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer.

Did you know that classical music can be deadly? Jean Baptiste Lully, one of the first great conductors of classical music, used to tap time with his foot for his orchestra. On January 8, 1687, he was tapping the floor furiously with his staff when he slammed it down on his own foot. He insisted on continuing the performance even though his toe was throbbing with pain. Gangrene and blood poisoning set in, and two months later he died.

True story.

Here’s another.

Daisuke Inoue was the drummer and business manager for a bar band in Kobe, Japan. The band was really bad but they played popular Japanese songs that drunk people could sing along with. Inoue had an idea. He and his band made 11 homemade boxes with tapes of just instrumental music of well-known songs and leased them to bars in the 1970s. It started a popular trend that’s still going strong today. Karaoke.

Imagine, if Inoue hadn’t come up with that genius idea, this probably would have never happened:

And I myself might have missed out on many fun/embarassing nights of karaoke.

Cool places where Greatest Music Stories Never Told books are sold:

Andrea’s in Kenosha, WI

The Lexington Historical Society in Lexington, MA

The Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison, WI

Kimberly’s in Winchester, VA

Tell us, have you ever tried karaoke?


3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Greatest Music Stories Never Told

  1. One too many amazing/possibly-regretful karaoke moments! I think my voice is punishing me now though because apparently I have a (real) affliction known as ‘voice abuse’

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